California Premises Identification System
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Protecting American animal agriculture by safeguarding animal health is vital to the wellbeing of all U. S. citizens. It promotes human health; provides wholesome, reliable, and secure food resources; mitigates national economic threats; and enhances a sustainable environment. Essential to achieving this goal is an efficient and effective animal identification program.

The National Premises Identification Number provides a unique number across the entire United States for locations involved in animal agriculture and links that location to the entity that participates in animal production and/or commerce.
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Requests for premises identification numbers received by the California Department of Food and Agriculture shall be maintained in confidence to the extent authorized by law.

An accountholder e-mail is required to request a premises identification number. Call 866-325-5681 if you don't have an e-mail address.

The system is currently not working. To obtain a premises identification number, please complete the following Location Number Request form and send it to your local CDFA Animal Health Branch district office or the contact on the form. If you have any questions, please contact your CDFA Animal Health Branch district office, call (866) 325-5681 or email To find your local district office, please visit:

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